Why you need Active Stem and D3


It’s true, your body is a marvel. And it does its best to care for you. But, the responsibility of keeping you healthy shouldn’t be your body’s alone. You’ve got to take an active part in helping your body.

One of the best ways you can help your body function at its best is to make sure you’re getting the right amount of Vitamin D – and specifically, D3 (also known as cholecalciferol).

Are you D3 deficient?

Turns out, your body needs Vitamin D to take in and hold onto calcium and support bone growth. Unfortunately, too little Vitamin D can result in fragile, misshapen bones. Cholecalciferol can also be used to help treat or prevent several health issues caused by a lack of vitamin D – especially skin or bone conditions.

Now, you may know how important Vitamin D when it comes to caring for your skin, bones, and strength … but did you also know it’s necessary to help support your overall health and immune function?

But, there are millions of people who are actually Vitamin D deficient, so let’s talk about how you can up your D3 intake – and why it’s so important.

First of all, what is Vitamin D?

Well, Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so it travels into your bloodstream to be stored in your tissues. It’s also the only vitamin the body can make on its own. In some ways, it’s more like a hormone. But, if you’re not getting enough sun or Vitamin D foods, it’s important to supplement with other reliable sources of Vitamin D.

Because when your body gets the right amount of Vitamin D, your liver can allow it to get into your blood. From there, your tissues and kidneys can activate it, so it becomes calcitriol. This is the version of Vitamin D that promotes calcium absorption by your blood, bones, and stomach – and here’s the important part …

Vitamin D helps the cells in your body grow and function properly.

Truth about Vitamin D deficiency

The fact of the matter is, even in the sunniest places, Vitamin D deficiency occurs often. Most people use sunscreen – and they should – and many people still don’t spend enough time in the sun – and the sunlight is a major source of this crucial vitamin.

But it’s important to know if you’re D deficient. Look for any of these signs –

  • Weak Bones – Vitamin D is directly connected to bone strength, and a D deficiency could increase the risk of fractures as you age. Getting the right amount of Vitamin D can help strengthen muscles and bones to prevent falls and fractures.
  • Depression – A recent study found that subjects with the lowest levels of vitamin D were more than 10 times more prone to depression.
  • Unhealthy skin – Calcitriol is necessary for skin cell growth and repair. You want to ensure that your skin cells divide and differentiate in the right way so they can keep regenerating. Vitamin D is vital to this process.
  • Compromised Immune System – Vitamin D plays a part in how your body responds to autoimmune and infectious diseases. It can help boost immune cell production. Not only that, but those with lower D levels are more likely to suffer colds, coughs, or infections.

How to prevent D deficiency

Of course, getting out and spending some time under the sun is a great way to prevent D deficiency – though sometimes that can be hard, depending on where you live or how busy your schedule is.

Wild-caught salmon and yogurt are also good sources of Vitamin D.

However, the best way to prevent D deficiency is to take the restorative step of supplementing. One of the best ways to supplement with D3 is to use Active Stem.

Supplementing with Active Stem

Active Stem is a preferred method of Vitamin D supplementation because it uses D3. There are 2 types of supplemental Vitamin D –

  • D2 (ergocalciferol)
  • D3 (cholecalciferol)

D3 is the preferred method of supplementation because it is chemically identical to the body’s own version of Vitamin D.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge formula in Active Stem also contains L-carnosine, Leucine, Green Tea Extract, and Blueberry Extract. Together, these ingredients help support healthy brain function, increase muscle strength, keep joints healthy, and promote longevity.

The Takeaway

So, it’s up to you. Again, you’ve got to help your body help you. And you can do so with little effort if you simply supplement with Active Stem to make sure you get the right amount of Vitamin D3.

You know your body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium and support bone growth. So, do the right thing. Get your Vitamin D3 and keep living better, longer.


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