Weightloss by Medical Means Miracle or Madness?

Phenofen Phentermine 37.5 mg (3) is a drug mixture that was formulated to promote weight loss in morbidly obese individuals, coupling the pills with a strict regimen of diet and exercise. Many in the entertainment industry have adopted the use of Phen-Phen to assist them in keeping their bodies trim and fit looking, a definite requirement in their professions.

A Brief History Lesson

The precursor of the present day Phentermine 37.5, was developed by American Home Products, later know as Wyeth, and labeled Pondimin. This obesity drug was compound from fenfluramine and phentermine. Users commonly called it fen-phen. They discovered a dramatic increase in the loss of fatty tissue, nearly double that of conventional, even extreme, dieting.

The word of the successes of fen-phen got out and it began to be marketed to the general public, both by prescription and by black market over-the-counter sellers. The potent weight-loss drug was shown to cause potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems after even a short duration of usage. Testing showed that it was the “fen” side of fen-phen that was the culprit. Phentermine was shown to have no harmful effects.

Phentermine emerged from the Wyeth debacle unscathed and was tested on its own as a weight-loss drug. Almost all the results were positive in obese patients, particularly when they adhered to lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. The ideal strength of the drug was 37.5 mg doses, taken three times per day. Phen is a stimulant and as such will cause insomnia, so it is recommended that it be taken not less than fourteen hours before retiring.

Phentermine is marketed under several generic brand names, mostly by prescription in the USA, but over-the-counter in much of the UK.Generic Branding

  • Adipex-P – a common brand name for phentermine diet pills that contain 37.5 mg of phentermine hydrochloride as the active ingredient in a slow-release capsule. When swallowed whole the capsule provides a slow release of the active ingredient into the bloodstream. As with any weight loss medication,Phen works best when the regimen includes a lot of exercises. Adipex-P is often prescribed for people who are too obese for a gastric ring or bypass surgery. 
  • Generic Phentermine – Manufactured by KVK Technology, these capsules exist mainly in 37.5 dosages, but are also available is 15 and 30 mg. Some doctors begin their patients at the lower and raise it only if the lower is not achieving the desired results, weight loss and lower BMI.
  • Lomaira- Also from KVK Tech as a replacement for Adipex-P when there is a reaction to the side effects of the latter. With a lower dosage, Lomaira often takes longer to produce the same results, but the lessening of the side effects is a good trade-off. This is the only phentermine diet pills that may be taken more than once per day.
  • VivusQsymia – The higher cost makes VQ less popular than the previous two, but it contains the highest concentrate of phen, 46 g. What you get for your money is a very aggressive appetite suppressant and much-increased energy reserves for a longer period of time.
  • PhenoFen- A herbal adaptation of Adipex-37.5. It contains no phentermine, the constituent elements of the formula possess the same stimulative/appetite suppressing properties. It is aggressive in appetite suppression and boosts energy. It is lower cost and available over-the-counter. Some professionals maintain that PhenoFen is the best alternative of all the weight loss drugs. 

Phentermine is often prescribed for morbidly obese patients, so if that does not describe you and you don’t qualify for a prescription, ask your doctor about PhenoFen. Many people all over the world and especially the celebrities can be a good testimony the role of using phentermine 37.5 mg diet pills 37.5mg diet pills in reshaping their body appearance.

As with any drugs, all the phen product come with all sorts of disclaimers, mostly about side effects caused by other medication you may be taking or ailments you have been blessed with. Consult your personal physician before taking anything more than aspirin and maybe even that. Just to be safe. A gym denizen was heard to say, “Someday there will be a pill we can take to do all of this.” He may have been on the trail of something because now there is.