Weight Loss Tip #5–on Strength Training

Here is #5 in my weight loss tips video series. It’s based on my blog post – “Notes on How I Lost Weight”. I’m breaking down each tip via video to explain how I did it and what it means. The tips are in no particular order. Do what works for you! Tips 1 through 5 are on my YouTube Channel now.

Here is the original post: Notes on How I Lost Weight

Weight Loss Tip #5: Strength Training

This is what I said in the first post…

5. I’m doing some strength training.

I’ve been incorporating more strength training into my workouts. I think this helps me feel better about my body – which turns into me treating my body better. (We’ll talk about this more soon – I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my strength routine.)


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Question: When was the last time you did a push-up (of any variety)?

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