Weeding Out the Best Weight Loss Shakes To Help You Drop Pounds

If you’re trying to lose weight and looking for a little help, you may consider weight loss products, but the number of options on the market can be overwhelming. Between supplements and weight loss plans, it’s difficult to discern the good and effective from the bad and ineffective.

An easy and healthy way to begin losing weight is to incorporate a daily weight loss shake into your diet. Best Weight loss shakes are great because they do not require that you make any drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle. Simply choose healthy meals, work out regularly, and replace one meal a day with a weight loss shake.

Why Shakes?

Since there are so many weight loss products and plans on the market, why go the route of shakes? Shakes are lower in calories than your typical breakfast or lunch, yet they still provide your body with all the nutrition of a full meal. So, if you replace one meal a day with a shake, you’re cutting about 300 calories per day out of your diet. On top of the calorie deficit, most shakes have ingredients in them that boost your metabolism and work to blast stubborn fat away.

Ingredients such as green tea extract, which according to this article, can cause your metabolism to remain elevated long after you’ve eaten your shake. Many ingredients in the shakes also give you extra energy, so you’ll have that extra boost to get you to the gym or out for a jog after a long day. Combine the calorie deficit with the fat burning ingredients and a boost of energy and you’ll be sure to be dropping pounds in no time flat with weight loss shakes.

Benefits of Weight loss Shakes

While the main goal of including shakes in your diet is to lose weight, the benefits of replacing one meal a day with a shake reach far beyond weight loss. Soon after beginning a shake regimen you may begin to experience the following amazing health benefits: 

Increased Energy

When you include a nutrition-packed shake into your diet you’ll be able to make it through your entire day with tons of energy to spare and a greater sense of mental clarity. Say goodbye to a three o’clock slump, or the after-work crash.  

Improved Mood

The ingredients in shakes have tons of mood-boosting properties, so you’ll not only begin to look your best but you’ll feel great too. Also, research shows that improved nutrition leads to decreased levels of depression and anxiety.

Glowing Hair And Skin

Shakes are full of protein and minerals that help you grow strong healthy hair and nails, and your skin willmost likely glow.

What’s To Look For In a Shake?  

When looking for the perfect shake there are some key factors to keep in mind. Before you buy, read the nutrition labels and make some comparisons. A great shake should include the following:  


Protein will help keep you full until it’s time to eat your next meal. If you find yourself hungry between mealsyou’re more likely to reach for fattening snacks, which defeats the purpose. Protein will also give you the energy you need to workout and build lean muscle. This article explains more about whey protein is so important to your energy level. 

Wide Range Of Vitamins And Minerals

Remember, your shake is serving as a meal replacement, so you need to make sure that it has all of the nutritional value of an average meal.

Metabolism Boosting Ingredients

Ingredients like green-tea extract and chili powder are key in burning fat because they will ensure that your metabolism remains high after you drink the shake.

Low Calories

Choose the shake with the highest nutrition, yet lowest calorie count. The higher your calorie deficit at the end of the day, the quicker the pounds will come off.

Best Shakes On The Market

There are many different weight loss shakes on the market and not all of them are created equal. Make sure you look for the things listed above, and consider the quality of the ingredients used. Some great shakes to check out include:  

  • Shakes by 310 Nutrition
  • Clean Lean
  • Special K Shakes

So, if you’re looking to lose some weight, make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and including daily weight loss shakes in your diet. The benefits to your overall health are great and you’ll begin to slim down in no time all.