VitaPulse By Princeton Nutrients- Comprehensive and Unbiased Review

Vitapulse is a creation of Dr. Berelian’s Princeton Nutrients that can be used on patients with heart problems, particular in preventing acute heart attacks. The nutritional supplement is formulated to be used as a leverage of three top of the food chain antioxidants to support a cardio circulation, healthy heart and cholesterol levels. But what is Vitapulse? Here is a comprehensive review of this supplement.


What is Vitapulse

It is a powerful antioxidant-based supplement that also referred to as the cardiac killer’. The supplement is a blend of vitamin that boasts of NAC, CoQ10, and PQQ as the main ingredients that help in improving your overall health, particularly of the heart. These three ingredients mostly help in regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body which the main cause of the heart attacks. It is important to note that the build of cholesterol in the body is caused by the presence of free radicals and also oxidation in the system. With this supplement providing antioxidants in the body, it helps in eliminating radicals and oxidation to achieve the following:

  • Healthy levels of cholesterol
  • Boost Mitochondrial Health
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Maintain Healthy Cardiovascular Functions
  • Protection against Cellular Damage

It is important to note that heart diseases have been rated as the leading killer in the US. As a matter of fact, nearly 1 in every 4 deaths in the country is caused by the heart problems. With the main causes of heart problems being known to the Princeton Nutrients, they have been able to formulate a nutritional supplement that can reduce these risks by boosting regrowth of mitochondria within the cell. This is what helps in reducing the levels of high cholesterol in the body.

The supplement is formulated by a renowned cardiovascular/internal medicine specialist. Dr. Arash Berelian is a board certified Cardiologist. He is among the greatest specialists in the US and the world at large. He attends both Cedars-Sinai Hospital and also the UCLA medical centers. He is also involved in training and teaching students and residents.


How the Supplement Works

The supplement works by using the antioxidants power. This is how it protects the user from the heart attack risks. Like the most of the antioxidant supplements that make use vitamin A, C, advanceE, and folic acid as antioxidants, Vitapulse is different. It makes use advanced antioxidants formula like NAC, CoQ10, and PQQ, as the main ingredients. Here is a brief overview of each of the ingredients.

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): derived from amino acid I-cysteine, it acts as a protein building block. According to various research done on it, they have indicated that it can be an effective tool for cancer prevention. In this supplement, NAC has been used as an ingredient for reducing symptoms of heart disease (homocysteine levels) which are believed to be risk factors for heart disease.
  • PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) this is chemical has been used in this supplement due to its super-powered antioxidant properties. PQQ has shown great potential in healing and preventing acute heart attacks by reducing the damaged areas of the heart. The chemical has also been found to work extremely well for the patients that are recovering from a heart attack.
  • CoQ10: this is a popular ingredient, particularly as an anti-aging agent skin cream products, it has also been found to have numerous heart benefits. For this supplement, CoQ10 has been used for its effects on the metabolism. It works by boosting the metabolism rate and thus helping the body to digest most of the cholesterol that could buildup in the heart arteries. This is how it works to prevent heart attacks.

NB: the supplement’s dosage has been a problem, particularly in NAC. For every capsule, it contains 250mg of the ingredient while the best dosage per day should be 1200mg. for this reason, the supplement might not produce the expected results. Though individual supplements have been studied, the supplement has not been researched to ascertain its effectiveness. This is why it’s difficult to tell whether or not it actually works. However, there are a lot of online review websites to look into regarding the effectiveness of VitaPulse, which might inform your decision to purchase the supplement.




These are the key ingredients according to the supplement website:

  • CoQ10 100mg.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 250mg.
  • PQQ Na2 (Pyrroloquinoline Quinine Disodium Salt) 10mg.

The supplement comes in 30 capsules per bottle and you take 1 capsule per day.


How to Buy Supplement

You can easily buy it online via It comes in different packages including:

  • 1 Bottle (30 Capsules): $49 + $6.95 shipping
  • 3 Bottles (90 Capsules): $127 + Free shipping
  • 6 Bottles (180 Capsules): $235 + Free shipping


The manufacturer

Vitapulse is a Princeton Nutrients, LLC products. The company has its base in Woodland Hills, California with Dr. Bereliani as the chief advisor.