Podcast– Last Minute Race Day Tips

Hello! Today’s Run Eat Repeat podcast is all about those Last Minute Race Tips you want to check and double check two or three days before your race. Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon and Long Beach Marathon & Half Marathon this weekend! Get it done!

Last Minute Tips Before Your Race – Half Marathon / Marathon / 10K / 5K

  1. Check the Race Day weather. Note the weather at the start / mid-race and finish.
  2. Lay out all your race day gear. Do a check from top to bottom that you have everything you’ll want on your body including fuel in your Armpocket or fuel belt and other non-clothing items.

race day gear checklist (534x800)

3. Plan Race Day logistics: Getting there / Parking / Locating the Starting Line / Meeting with your family and friends / Post-race Plan / Packing things you’ll want for after the race…

4. Rest and relax. You are probably not going to sleep that well the night before the race. Just expect that so it doesn’t add to your stress.

Try to get enough sleep the nights leading up to that. And rest a little more than usual – sit down, rest your legs.

5. Set your goals. Go over your race strategy. Are you going for a PR? Is this a new distance? Do you have a goal? Will the weather affect your goals?

Consider your fitness, training, health, taper and the weather… and then set your goals. Make an “A” goal – the BIG one, a “B” goal – something you’d be happy with and a “C” goal – something you can go after if race day isn’t perfect.

6. Visualize victory. Sit down. Take a deep breath… let it out… repeat a few times. Relax. Visualize the race. Visualize yourself passing each mile…one by one… Picture yourself running the last mile… You get to the finish line strong… You cross it with a smile.

For more check out this – > Half Marathon and Marathon Race Day Checklist



RER Favorites for this week:

1. Positive posts sharing love, information and resources to help people in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.

The shooting in Las Vegas is heartbreaking, scary and unbelievably sad. I have friends there. I love Vegas – hello, my cat’s name is Vegas. I go there a few times a year. And it turns out a few people from my church were at the concert. I don’t want to feel helpless so I’m sharing some info on small ways to do something….

I’ve been following Bethany Frankel on Instagram and she is in Puerto Rico helping the people there get food and resources. They are living in a complete disaster area after Hurricane Maria and Irma.

She shared this link if you want to donate: Operation B Strong


Fast Company shared How to help Las Vegas shooting victims right now

CNN shared more ways to help Las Vegas shooting victims here too

You can contact your local elected officials here … tell them I sent ya… or tell them your thoughts on guns, public safety, mental health services, dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate…


Um, there’s not an easy breezy way to transition from that – so I’m just going to roll with more frivolous stuff and mention my other faves…

2. I watched the latest Jim Gaffigan stand-up comedy special the other night when I was a little down and it made me laugh. Lauging feels good (even if it’s home alone with your cat and a lap full of crumbs).

jim gaffigan donut.gigf[3]
jim gaffigan donut 1[3]
jim gaffigan donut 2


3. The seasonal Gingerbread Protein Bars are back!!

They are only available for a limited time and will probably be sold out before the season ends. I’m such a sucker for anything seasonal! Can’t wait for the holiday protein powders to come back too!

gingerbread bars seasonal

The Lemon Ice Box Cake protein powder will be gone soon too!

And… Thank you for following and listening and hanging out with me here and all over social media. I love you. I really appreciate that you have the whole internet world to check out and you spend some time with me.

Question: Do you think a redhead invented gingerbread?

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