Meaningful ways to honor a grandparent


Meaningful Ways to Honor a Grandparent

Our society has benefitted from the dedication and determination of older Americans who helped shape our nation.

In our busy lives, however, we may not always take time to show our appreciation for their sacrifices.

That’s one of the reasons we encourage families to celebrate National Grandparents’ Day every September.

Honoring Loved Ones on National Grandparents Day

A day dedicated to formally honoring grandparents, this year Grandparents’ Day occurs on Sunday, September 10.

What sorts of activities can you plan for honoring grandparents on this day?

Here are a few ideas.

Plant a Tree Together

Trees are often thought of as symbols of legacy. They last through the ages, and benefit every generation. And they just make the world a better place!

It’s why one of the nicest ways to honor a grandparent is to plant a tree together in their honor.

As the young sapling grows into a full tree, it can become a lasting symbol of the connection between a grandchild and a senior loved one.

Participate in a Community Clean-up Day Together

Connecting through nature and a love of the great outdoors is a great way to spend time together. Keeping the community clean, beautiful, and trash-free is a common goal everyone can get behind. Why not combine these two ideas and join a community clean-up day together?

Volunteer Together

Volunteering happens to be good for senior health. And there are lots of ways the different generations can volunteer together. Besides joining a community clean-up day, you can also look for opportunities to help at a local food pantry, community kitchen, or animal shelter.

Enjoy Great Conversation Over Lunch

Some restaurants and coffee shops offer discounts to intergenerational groups on Grandparents Day. Show your support for the restaurant’s recognition of Grandparent’s Day by enjoying lunch or coffee there with a senior loved one. Consider inviting their friends and make it a real party!

Sunrise® Seniors Live With Legacy

Everyone benefits when the generations connect and share in a multitude of small ways every day. In fact, that idea is a pillar of each Sunrise Senior Living® community. Through weekly planned activities, residents in our communities are able to share their wisdom with younger generations in a variety of meaningful ways. It’s part of our Live With Legacy program.

Live With Legacy is a person-centered approach to community living where residents, team members, and families join together to share in the rich tapestry of experiences older Americans have to offer.

Sunrise® residents enjoy a variety of intergenerational activities that take place in different settings. These include intergenerational classrooms, one-on-one activities with kids, and visits from school groups. There are countless opportunities each week for residents to share meaningful connections with the youngest generation.

Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about the Live with Legacy program at Sunrise®, we invite you to visit one of our communities near you. Come for a tour, meet our dedicated team members and ask about volunteering opportunities. Volunteering allows you to enjoy intergenerational friendships every week!