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A Proper Guide to Buy CBD Oil

There is a global rising trend in the number of persons who are opting to use cannabidiol (CBD) oil for their various health issues. As a matter of fact, according to the estimated consumer sales that the market of CBD products is increasing drastically. Mostly due to the fact that numerous studies have brought to light the beneficial properties of CBD.

Whatever your need for CBD oil may be, it is important to know certain facts before buying CBD oil. You must ask yourself these questions: “What are the known of CBD products will be approximately 1.15 billion US dollars by the year 2020. So it is fair to say.

About CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one powerful compound. It originates from the cannabis plant, hence why it is considered to part of the cannabinoid family. A cannabinoid is a group of compounds that are extracted from the cannabis plant and some of these compounds can be in the form of an oil or vapor. Another popular compound that is a part of this family, is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. When heated, this compound is what creates the high that some persons seek. However, unlike its brother, cannabidiol (CBD) does not create a high if ingested and this is where the common misconception lies. Also, it should be known that the CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant is still illegal in most US states since marijuana is still a controlled substance. On the other hand, the oil that is derived from the hemp plant is legal in all US states.

Benefits of CBD

Despite the fact that CBD doesn’t create the sought-after high, it does have many healing properties. Hence, it is deemed a powerful compound. Research has soon that CBD oil can help to manage and treat common medical problems. These include:

  • Psychotic disorders
  • Tumors
  • Oxidative Injury
  • Convulsions
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain
  • Addiction

Also, CBD oil can be used to counteract the side effects of THC, which may include paranoia and impaired memory. Furthermore, some products of CBD oil is safe to use for your pets. If your beloved pet suffers from the following health problems, then CBD oil is can be of some help.

  • Skin disorders
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

Taking all of this into account, clearly, CBD oil has its benefits.

Choose Your Buying Criteria

Here, you will map out certain requirements you may have when choosing the right CBD product. By doing this you will be able to make the process of buying CBD oil a less daunting one. So take the following specifications in account when making your first purchase.


Do you have a certain budget in mind? There are a lot of options available that can suit your needs without breaking the bank, so you don’t have to select a really expensive brand. However, bear in mind that cheaper is not always better. Cheap brands of CBD oil can carry problems such as impure CBD (there may be traces of THC that will give you that unwanted high), a poorer quality CBD based on the extraction method that was used, and decreased potency.


Despite the extraction method used, you will still taste the flavor of CBD oil. Users of the oil have described the taste as earthy or nutty. Furthermore, some users say that they enjoy the taste while others have stated that it took a while to get used to it. If you think that you can’t stand the taste certain manufacturers of CBD oil provide different flavors that you can try.

buying CBD Cannabidiol oil

Immediacy of Effects

As stated before, it is not advised to buy cheap products because they may sell products at a lower potency. Potency affects whether you see results nor or later or ever at all. The immediacy of the effects should be one of the factors you consider. Do you want the effects of the oil to happen in a few minutes or hours? Do you want it to last you a couple of hours or days? If you are not sure, you can purchase the product and adjust the dosage to your own requirements.

Ease of Use

Do you want a product that has simple to follow instructions? Or are you fine with a more difficult way to take the oil? Whichever one you choose, make sure that you completely understand the dosage instructions of the product before purchasing.

Choose Your Product Type

CBD oil is sold in various forms. You will have to select a product type that is either a tincture, vape oil, topical oil, capsule, or edible which can suit your specific needs.

  • Vape Oil

This product type of CBD oil entails inhaling the oil through a vape. It also comes in different flavors for you to try. However, it should be noted that this method also comes with health risks such as difficulty in measuring the doses accurately.

  • Topical

This is a simple task. Just rub the oil, cream or gel on the site that is giving you trouble. And wait for the magic. This is especially good for muscle pain.

  • Capsule

Another simple form. The capsule is a great way to take CBD oil. All you have to do is ingest the pill and let it do the work. There is also soft gel capsules to make
swallowing the pill easier. The downside to this method is that there is lower bioavailability since it has passed through the GI tract.

  • Edibles

A tasty and fun variable for CBD oil. It is like candy and, unlike the capsules, can be chewed. These are one of the favorites for young children since it also comes in different delicious flavors.

  • Tincture

The most popular form is the tincture. One advantage of using this method is that you can easily control the dosage and adjust it to your needs.

Trusted Companies and Sites

When you know your buying criteria and the type of product you want, it is time to know where to buy CBD oil. As you are probably aware, you can buy CBD oil online as well as in a store so it’s time to look at the top companies and websites that you can use to buy CBD oil online.

  • FabCBD

This is another viable option you can use to buy CBD oil online. Like the above example, they provide different brands of CBD oil at different prices. They allow consumers to leave ratings on each product just in case you want the perspective of other buyers. They also have a blog that provides great information for beginners.

  • Kats Botanicals

This online site is recommended because they carry a wide variety of CBD oil in various forms like gummies, vape oil, and tinctures. They also provide further information on the topic through their blog. The site boasts they sell the highest quality of products, at the lowest prices and they are open to answering any questions you may have regarding the products.

How safe is CBD Oil?

As stated before, CBD oil has many benefits. But what about the risks that may come with using it?

Drug-drug interactions

Drug-drug interactions mean that the oil interacts with other medications that you are taking leading to adverse reactions. Even though studies showed there is a possibility of that happening, it is really small. It is advised that you consult with your doctor before taking CBD oil especially when you are taking other medications.


As stated before, THC is a potential impurity that can create unwanted effects. And there are others like heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, fungus, and other foreign material. This is why it is important to check the quality of the product before buying it.

Not safe for pregnant women

There is a link between the use of CBD oil during pregnancy and the impairment of the development of fetal neurons. That being said, to err on the side of caution, avoid using CBD oil while pregnant.

Bottom Line

The use of CBD oil is the new growing trend in alternative medicine. It boasts many benefits with much lesser risks. When you are buying CBD oil, one must consider the cost, taste, immediacy of effects and ease of use. Also, take into account the type of product that you will use because each carries its own advantages and disadvantages. Product types include capsules, topical forms, edibles, vape oil, and tinctures. After figuring out what exactly you want, there are different sites where you can buy CBD oil online which caters to your every need.


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