How Your Sex Drive Is Effected By Gut Health?

Your gut health has a major impact on your overall health. The gut microbiome, the collection of bacteria that lives in the digestive tract can impact your sex drive greatly. Just the same way that gas, constipation, acid re-flux or other problems encountered by people on regular basis affects your libido, so can the gut microbiome. 

The big question is; how does your gut health affect your sex drive? How sex drive and gut bacteria are related? In this article, we are going to discuss how gut health affects your sex drive and the science behind it;

Gut Heath and Sexual Functions

From an anatomic point of view, the digestive tract is in close proximity to your sexual organs hence they can easily impact each other. The gut bacteria have several functions apart from controlling digestive systems. The bacteria also produce a horde of enzymes, hormones and other components that affect your libido. 

The digestive tract produces a neurotransmitter known as serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical messenger that plays a crucial role in sexual functioning of a person. The gut bacteria are responsible for producing a whopping 90% of this chemical messenger. Serotonin functions as a mood enhancer and plays a key role in increasing blood flow to a woman’s genitalia. It follows that serotonin plays a key role to a woman’s orgasm. For a woman to reach orgasm the nerves are stimulated and the genital muscles contract and relax repeatedly causing a woman to orgasm. Serotonin aids this process. 

If there is no enough supply of serotonin due to poor gut health, a woman will find it extremely hard to reach orgasm and her sex drive might also be affected.

Leaky Gut

Intestinal permeability, commonly known as a leaky gut, is a condition that occurs when bacteria and other intestinal products leak from the intestinal walls and find their way into the bloodstream. In response, the body activates the immune system to conquer the foreign material in the bloodstream. The result is inflammation and in extreme case allergic reactions. 

When one suffers from a leaky gut, there is cell damage within the intestines. When the cells are damaged, serotonin production reduces significantly. Additionally, production of other chemicals is also affected. The balance of hormones is affected and the immune system is weakened. 

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There are several causes of a leaky gut. Over the counter medications, Aspirin and acetaminophen can lead to a leaky gut by irritating the intestinal lining. With time, the inflammation eventually leads to the development of a leaky gut. 

The good news is that a leaky gut is not a permanent condition and can be averted. The first step is to change your diet and avoid foods that promote a leaky gut. The foods to avoid include sugar, conventional meat, GMO foods, conventional dairy foods and grains. Foods that help restore your intestinal walls include fish, olive oil and other healthy foods. Another great way of restoring the dignity of your intestinal walls is by taking probiotics as they help strengthen the intestines.


Antibiotics and How They Affect Your Libido

It has been discovered that continuous use of antibiotics could be a contributing factor to a weakened libido. In the past one century, these wonder drugs have saved a lot of lives but researchers are realizing that they might also be doing harm as well. This is because they are not selective and they kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria. 

The gut microbiome needs to be kept at an optimum balance to have a healthy sex life. When antibiotics are overused, they kill a significant number of good gut bacteria and give pathogenic bacteria a thriving environment. These bacteria carry a horde of health related problems and increase the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. 

How gut health affects your sex drive is determined by the health status of your gut. If you have poor gut health, your sex drive will be negatively impacted. On the other hand, a healthy gut gives you a good chance of leading a healthy sexual life. In case you have a low sex drive or you lack sex drive, it is a great idea to visit your doctor and explain everything. He or she will recommend a course of action that will help you get back your sex drive.