Getting Your Body Summer-Ready With These Tested & Proven Protein Shakes

310 Nutrition will prepare your body for the summer with their line of weight loss shakes and 310 Gym. How much does it really take to get your body ready for the summer? What is certain is that you will not get it with endless hours on tape; at least it will not work if you want to look good quickly; but if you can be diligent, then you can trust the 310 protein shakes to work the magic for you.

What you will need is a workout routine with the 310 gym that will activate as much muscle fiber as possible and force your body to change in the shortest possible time; and the protein shakes so that you can transform your body into a better one in a short time. Following the plan to the end will not only result in you looking better, but also in you having more strength and more confidence in every way.



If your goal is to increase and define muscle mass for the summer…

If your goal is to increase muscle mass, you can drink 310 protein shakes before training and another one after. The shake formula has changed to give you better results; now it is made from plants, is sugar-free, tastes better, and now comes with probiotics, vitamins, minerals and a blend of greens. With this the company guarantees an enviable and healthy body at the same time.

After a workout with the 310 Gym, the muscles are exhausted, so it is necessary to nourish them as soon as possible with protein. And what better way to do it than with a 310 protein shake, which is quickly assimilated, in a matter of minutes. In addition, after exercise, glycogen stores should be restored with carbohydrate-rich foods and beverages: fresh fruits and energy drinks.

With rapid assimilation carbohydrates we avoid the loss of muscle mass, since the body could also consume the muscle to replenish energy when the glycogen or fat reserves are depleted.

So, the ideal is to accompany the proteins with carbohydrates in the following way: consume, for example, a banana or an energy drink just after finishing training and then take the 310 protein shake.

If your goal is to lose fat and define your muscles to get into that swim suit…

On the other hand, if you have proposed to lose fat and strengthen the muscles without gaining volume, the recommendation is to provide protein to the muscles before doing physical exercise so that they reach their maximum potential. With this contribution of amino acids we managed to avoid muscular catabolism.

The pre-workout protein shake can be combined with slow-digesting carbohydrates when you go for strength or intense cardio exercises.


Accelerate the definition of muscles with the 310 gym:

Many coaches have come to the conclusion that the gym ball (included in the gym set) is one of the best tools used in the gym to lose weight and increase flexibility. So, here we explain 5 exercises to accelerate the process:

  1. Stretch: Sit on the ball and slide forward to lie down. Lift your buttocks to a 90-degree angle to the body. Lift your butt as high as you can and lower it slightly. Repeat this activity between 100 and 250 times.
  2. Resist: Slide face down on the ball and accommodate the feet above it. Place both hands on the floor. Bend your arms, up and down, as in traditional lizards. Perform three sets of 12 to 16 repetitions.
  3. Increase your strength: Begin this exercise as if you were to perform a lizard. Push the body up and leave the feet on the ball. Form a pyramid with the buttocks held towards the ceiling. Contract the abdomen and use the strength of the hands to hold you for 15 seconds. Do a repetition.
  4. Tone obliques: Get on your knees with the ball to one side. Lie down on the ball with one side of your body and one knee recharged on the floor.

Lift the trunk sideways and stretch both legs. Perform 20 repetitions and change sides.

  1. Arms and legs of steel: Stand and load the ball with both hands; Put one leg in front and one in back. Make bursts and alternate with squats.



The exercises to burn fat and define are very varied, so you can establish different routines to reduce and tone the body part you want. Remember that you will have that body that you dreamed so much about with discipline using the 310 gym and the 310 protein shake.

For the training to be effective you must contract the abdomen during all the exercises. Our specialists recommend doing these exercises to burn fat after a good session of cardiovascular activities and a previous warm-up. Remember that depending on the results you want to obtain, take your 310 protein shakes before or after training.