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Causes And Treatment Options For Warts And Skin Tags

Warts and tags are the two common skin problems that have been confusing so many people. There is a need for you to seek medical care if you happen to notice any growth in your skin because you may not know exactly what it is. But before you make your first move, know that you can remove warts and skin tags naturally. It’s important that you know the difference between the two and identifies other ways through which you can treat them.

What is a Skin Tag?

This is a growth that normally occurs in most areas that experience a lot of friction (armpits, neck and other places). They resemble a small and a soft balloon that seems suspended on your skin with a small stalk. It mostly occurs on the aged and rarely occurs in children. In most cases, its diameter may vary from some millimeters to 5 cm. It’s referred to as Acrochordon in medical terms.

What Causes Skin tags

The truth is that the cause of skin tag has not been determined but it’s much more related to some of these conditions.

Friction in your skin

It’s clear that when you have jewelry on your skin, or you put on tight clothes, then there is a high chance that as cells try to adapt to the changes in the external environment, they will elongate and cause skin tags. This is common in old people as their cells are not that elastic.

Hormonal imbalance

When cortisol and leptin (a hormone that regulates digestion) is produced in a high amount, its side effect will be the formation of a skin tag. Those who have a problem with their estrogen level also does have skin tags on them. Another case is that during pregnancy, oxytocin, progesterone, Relaxin, and HGC will be interfered with which also is responsible for the occurrence of this growth.

Aging process

This is s a common cause of skin tag. During aging, the skin normally becomes thinner and weaker which magnifies the effects of friction on our skin. This is why acrochordons become common in old people.

Treatment of Skin tags

There are no cases where this problem has ever harmed anybody. But again, it may have some effect on your general look. For this reason, most people prefer searching for skin tag removal option for some cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. Here are ways through which skin tag removal can be accomplished successfully.


These are the most complicated procedures that may require an experienced dermatologist. You may also look for any doctor who specializes in the areas which skin tags. This may affect causing damage to sensitive parts or even excessive bleeding. The surgery procedures used for skin tag removal includes.

  • Cauterization: Electrolysis is used to burn off your skin tag
  • Cryosurgery: This procedure involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tag
  • Ligation: The specialist interrupts the supply of blood to the acrochordon
  • Excision: This involved cutting out of the skin tag carefully using a scalpel

Over-the-counter solutions

Most people prefer using this option because they are never courageous enough to face surgery. These solutions are available in most of the pharmacy around you and very efficient when it comes to skin tag removal. The common one that has been used include Bleomycin, Blenoxane, and Retinoids. They normally freeze your skin tag and it may dry out and it may fall-off after 7-10 days.

What is Warts?


This is tinny growth having a rough texture that occurs in any part of the body. It resembles a small cauliflower or a solid blister. It may appear in different ways depending on the thickness of the skin it has affected or the location. It’s contiguous and can be transferred from one person to the other if you get into contact with the affected area.

What Causes Warts

Warts is one of the problems that have affected so many people. It’s mainly caused by a human papillomavirus family and it may not really harm you, but if it occurs in your face, then you may need to get rid of it. The only problem is that it can be transferred from one person to the other. This may occur through having sex with affect person, sharing clothes, shoes or any material with the affected person. The only problem is that it may take a little bit longer to affect your cells which may make it difficult for you to trace where you got it.

Treatment of Warts

Salicylic acid

Most of the creams, paints, gels and other medication meant to treat warts contain Salicylic acid. It’s used on a daily basis for about 3 months for the watts to disappear completely.


When this option is used to treat warts, the specialist will use nitrogen as a freezing liquid which is spayed onthe wart. This destroys all the affected cells resulting in the formation of blister that falls off after 7 days.


There are cases when you may be having a wider wart formed in your skin. This can be removed using a surgery option or laser treatment. If not treated carefully, it may cause more problems.


This is an extract from blister beetle which is combined with chemicals and applied on warts. After the application, a bandage is used to cover the affected area. After a while, blisters will be formed which eliminate the wart from the skin and make it easy for the removal of the dead cells of wart.

Bottom Line

These two skin problems are unique in their own way and need immediate treatment if you happen to notice any of their sign. You can also remove warts and skin tags naturally at home. If left in the skin for long, then it may result in more problems. There are also over the counter drugs that are available and anybody can use them to treat warts and skin tags.