What Are The Best Cardio Exercise Or Workout You Can Do

What Are The Best Cardio Exercise Or Workout You Can Do?

Cardio exercise or workout is any activity that we can indulge in to improve our heart rate. It’s not just about the heart, but it involves every muscle in our body to move and strengthen so that they can deliver and keep you moving every day without a problem. Bearing in mind that the heart is a muscle and it will also benefit greatly. If it’s kept in healthy, it will be able to improve the delivery of oxygen into the cells in our body which enable then to burn fats in our body. This not only provides enough energy but also help in weight reduction.

Best Cardio Exercises And Workouts

You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to do cardio exercises, you will just need a space and time and you will perfectly improve your general health by these simple cardio exercises. Here is the best workout you can rely on.

  • Walking:

Spend some of your time in a day and just move around it’s safe and effective.

  • Jumping rope:

Children like doing it and that is why they are healthy, it can do magic for you too

  • Running:

Those who take most of their time to run rarely experience any cardiovascular problems. Set your goal and decide the distance you want to cover every day, let’s say in the morning and in the evening. It will help you to burn more fats and set you free from heart problems.

  • Cycling or bike riding:

You need a bicycle and then take some of your friends or family members for a Cardio Challenge. The more you do it, the stronger the muscles in your legs will be. This strengthens you and improves your heart rate.

  • Swimming:

This is the best workout if you really know how to swim. It will involve all the muscles in your body and your concentration. The muscle in your legs and arms will be actively engaged which will result in increased heart rate and healthy lungs.

  • Climbing stairs:

Instead of using the lifts in that tall building, just use the staircase. It burns more calories than you could have possibly imagined. Do not be hurry for you may encounter some problems. If it’s done continuously, you will adapt and it will always be the easiest thing.

  • Rowing:

There are machines that can help you to archive this, but still, you can go to a place where boats are available and you take your chances. It will not hurt your ligaments and joints but improve both your upper body and lower bodyThe Best Cardio Exercise

  • Elliptical:

These machines are available at gym centers or you can simply buy yours for home use. They provide less impact on your hips and knees but burns many calories

Benefits of Cardio Exercise And Workouts

  • It improves your sleep as you will be relaxed after the exercise
  • Burns fats in the absence of calories which help you to lose weight
  • Improves your heart rate which protects you from stroke and heart diseases
  • Cardio workout improves the immunity system which protects you from getting sick
  • It helps in fat and calorie burning which produce more energy for your daily activities
  • Cardio excise enable the production of endorphins which help to reduce depression and stress
  • Cardio exercise benefits our lungs as it activates our muscles making us breathe deeper and faster. This improves our lung capacity
  • Control blood pressure cholesterol. With an increased heart rate, more blood manages to flow through your small blood vessels. This makes them elastic and widens up to allow more oxygen into your muscles

How To Pick The Best Cardio Exercise?


Whenever you want to pick on any cardio excess you need to be sure that it will not inconvenient you. Most of the workouts that have been mentioned above can easily be done if you have the right equipment. Don’t choose to cycle if you don’t have access to a good road or bicycle. If you choose swimming, ensure there is a pool around you.


Choosing a cardio challenge should dictate what you love most. If you are an athlete, you will discover that running is very essential for you and you will be cardio workouts at home on a daily basis without fatigue. The point is, pick what you enjoy most.


Time is a scares resource and not many people get that free time to do their extra activities. So if you know that you are the time that has a fixed schedule, then considering a cardio workout that will take you 20 to 30 minutes will be very important. All the same, you need to fix your time if you need to enjoy cardio exercise benefits.

Physical limitations

There are people who have experienced a lot of traumatic events in the past. This may have left them with injuries on their keens, joints, lower backs or even ankles. Its best for you if you don’t try high impact cardio exercise. Think of swimming, strength training or cycling.

Can I Do Cardio Exercise At Home?

There may be some limitation that can hinder you from doing cardio workouts at home. Environment id one of them. This is why it’s important to know some of the cardio exercises you can do at home. They include Jump rope, Squat jumps, Dancing, Jogging in place, Burpees, Jumping jacks, Kickboxing, Running the stairs. They will require limited resources. What you will need is only time and commitment and you will all be set.

Bottom Line

These workouts are meant to improve your general health and allow you to live without any stress. If you look around in most of the gyms around you, they can help you through their cardio challenge where participant challenge one another and ensure all work well. You can also benefit greatly by buying the ellipse or work out machines and you will be doing most of your cardio workouts at home without any interruption.


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