Agrantec Launches New NotaZone Food Production Tracking System

Pioneer in food authentication and tracking now offers new NotaZone food production data management system for free 60 day trial

Bristol, UK, 22 July 2015
UK-based food production tracking experts Agrantec today announced the release of their all-new NotaZone food production management software.

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NotaZone is a new, all-in-one cloud-based data management system designed specifically for the needs of the food industry. NotaZone solves all the problems of quickly and accurately documenting food production and transport processes.

NotaZone helps food producers to manage the flow of data and documents through their business, saving time and money and reducing red-tape hassle.

“NotaZone is designed to help food producers reduce all the overhead of tracking their produce to ensure compliance with the myriad of regulations that surround food production,” said Andy Bingham, CTO of Agrantec. “We’ve made it really simple to store and track production records and make them available to anyone, anywhere, at any time – including consumers, who may wish to confirm the authenticity of an ethical or organic food.”

NotaZone consists of a cloud-based data platform and a wide range of focused apps. NotaZone can store any kind of data or document, and offers solutions for production tracing, quality control, stock tracking, warehouse management, HACCPs compliance, as well as documentation management and reporting. Designed in the heart of the English West Country, Notazone is already in daily use with numerous local businesses.

“NotaZone has been designed to support the unique needs of the food production industry,” said Martin Coates, Agrantec Chairman. “We looked at all the paperwork headaches plaguing smaller producers and created a system that just simplifies the entire process, making it almost automatic to comply with regulations,” Notazone is a fast, flexible, reliable way to store, manage and retrieve supply chain data.”

NotaZone is a reliable, easy-to-use, inexpensive system that helps improve collaboration, reduce paperwork and save money. From the source animal or farm to the end consumer, NotaZone allows producers to track every stage of the production process, from any terminal – smartphone, tablet or desktop – at any time by almost anybody, creating a more efficient and cost-effective production process.

Even better, NotaZone doesn’t just save money, it helps make more. NotaZone is designed to streamline processes on the production side of your business by removing delays and helping spot errors. And by re-purposing the production data to help educate end customers through the Follow This Food app (, NotaZone also helps explain the value of high quality produce and defends premium pricing.

“What’s really unique about NotaZone is that all that production and quality data now helps high quality producers to differentiate on the noisy supermarket shelf,” said Bingham. “Through Follow This Food we can re-purpose that data to help prove authenticity and quality, build trust, and enhance retail positioning and price – even for the smallest local brands.”


About Agrantec
When founding Agrantec in 2009, the Agrantec team took a long, hard look at the way that farming and the food supply chain worked. They decided that they could do something to improve both ecosystems. Food is a supply chain unlike any other. Consumers have a keen interest in knowing exactly what has been done to their food from the beginning of the food chain to the end. For primary producers, e.g. farmers or fishermen, the job is less about competition and more about doing a great job producing quality food and managing the environment in a sustainable way on a global playing field. There is much greater scope for co-operation and collaboration than in many other types of supply chain, and Agrantec has developed the NotaZone platform to allow a more streamlined, automated and collaborative approach than ever before.

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