Aging with success: tips for looking and feeling younger


Aging with Success: Tips for Looking and Feeling Younger

Scientists haven’t figured out how to roll back the hands of time, but they do have plenty of advice on how to look and feel younger as you age.

Decades of research boils down to this: adopting a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life.

It’s Healthy Aging Month, which makes it’s a great time to commit to living a healthier life.

Ways to Look and Feel Younger as You Age

Here are the top tips for looking and feeling younger as you age. They’re research-backed and time-proven so you can feel confident about adopting at least one of them, if not all.

1. Be a Social Butterfly

Enjoying hobbies and activities in a group isn’t just more fun—it could also lengthen your life. Socializing reduces feelings of isolation, keeps us active, and promotes positive feelings. Since feeling lonely can contribute to depression and other medical problems, seniors who give up socializing may be jeopardizing their health.

One popular way to stay social is by joining interest-based clubs like a knitting group, a bridge club, or a church group. Taking classes is another fun idea. Attending the theater with friends, traveling in a group, and volunteering can also fulfill the need to interact with other people in enjoyable, productive ways.

Researchers who study socialization and seniors have observed not just improvements in longevity but also in quality of life. They have even compared the effects of joining social groups to those of getting regular physical exercise.

But don’t go canceling your gym membership just yet! There’s no substitute for physical activity. And our next tip is all about staying active and fit.

2. Be Nuts about Exercise

There are many ways to look and feel younger, but none compares to being physically active. From decreasing stress hormones to keeping the weight off, exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is you don’t have to join a gym or take up jogging to reap the benefits!  There are endless ways to get your exercise, and only a handful requires a gym. Whether you opt for fitness walking, yoga or gardening, the key to aging success is finding activities you enjoy and doing them every day.

3. Be Adamant about Eating Nutritious Foods

You’ve probably heard this last one all your life. Eating a healthy diet is the best gift you can give yourself. The problem for most people is understanding what constitutes a healthy diet, especially for the changing nutritional needs of older adults.

If you’d like a handy guideline to keep you on track, the USDA’s Choose My Plate program offers tons of great tools, tips, and other resources for healthy-minded seniors.

Sunrise Senior Living and the MyPlate Program

Choose My Plate is part of the federal government’s MyPlate initiative. The program seeks to help Americans adopt a healthy diet based on their personal food preferences.

Sunrise Senior Living is proud to be a National Strategic Partner for the MyPlate Program. As a partner, we help promote the idea of eating nutritious food in our communities. Sunrise residents enjoy daily delicious meals in accordance with MyPlate guidelines.

For regular updates on what’s cooking at Sunrise, visit our healthy eating blog, Senior Eats. Or set up a time to visit by calling the Sunrise Senior Living community nearest you today!